Monday, April 3

"Ausnahmezustand" in Luebeck

Video sent by jphintze

small video from the neonazi-demonstration in Lubeck, 04/01, by the NPD - and striked with many protests from youth an antifascists - and with the nazis must gone and break there march "to remember the deaths of the british bomb-riot from 1942. The Nazis where about 120, the Antinazis more than 2000 - this truth the german right-wing will never believe... How stupid!


Wednesday, March 29

wrapped Holsten-Gate

This is the famous hanseatic Holsten-Gate (called "Holstentor") - wrapped for itself and for months ago later ... This conserved Symbol of a world-culture-heritage from the 1470´s is an ancient monument.


Saturday, September 17


A german medicopter at work. An approach from Travemuende...


Monday, September 12

with no words

On the last Sunday in seaside town Travemuende: a young man put on the rails of the local train to Luebeck and killed themselves in a suicide.
Probably under personal circumstances and in an alcohol intoxication.
Beside a bubbling rumor kitchen spontaneously a mute memorial developed to the memory at the place of the happening...


Day of the open Monuments

Into Germany it comes at least annually to a "day of the open monument"; also of course in the Hanseatic city Luebeck.
On this day can each historical buildings and places visit, which are locked for the public otherwise. Topic of the daily in this year: War and peace.
Beside shelters, medieval weir systems and many other places to the topic, also the historical Luebecker synagogue was open for public.
The Jewish municipality Luebeck is today very small - before the Nazi rule it was large.
Only a Luebecker municipality member of this time survived the Holocaust.
Second scene: The mansion in the Eschenburgstrasse: Here met under conpirative circumstances of the Chef of the Nazi-SS Heinrich Himmler, and the president of the Swedish Red Cross, Count Bernadotte.
Himmlers last "coup" existed here 1945 in the attempt to make secret peace negotiations possible with Churchill and if possible "favorably" from the "affair" to pull be able themselves.